Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Destashing my Life - Part 1


I'm so excited right now...we are moving house!!  Not too far away from where we are living now but a better home and somewhere I hope, we will be for a long time :)

Which means, I have about 4 weeks to sort and pack our entire home and also completely decorate our new place. Yikes.

So I'm starting with the mountain of vintage clothing and fabric I have. I have decided to list little batches of things here on my blog in the hope of selling it a bit more quickly and easily.  From old stock from my shops, my personal things I no longer need, things that I just bought and never did anything with, handmade things, etc, etc...

If you do see anything you like, please just email me at - and I will email you an invoice and once that is paid, post the item out to you. 

Oh and if you remember something I have blogged about over the years and you liked, please just get in touch, I might still have it stored away somewhere!

Please add £3.50 for p&p to the prices below. If you are lovely enough to buy more than one item, shipping will be just the flat rate of £5.00 no matter what you buy :)

Lots of love

in a heavy navy linen mix and lined with an amazing light folk inspired cotton
UK size - 14/16 Euro size 42

UK size - 10/12

UK Size - 10/12

These 'peep toe' clogs are in amazing condition and virtually unworn. Traditionally made with soft brown leather and adjustable strap which can be work behind the heel of forwards like shown in the picture.
They are quite wide in fitting and I wouldn't say suitable for a very slim foot. 
UK Size - 5.5 Euro Size - 39

Cute ankle boots from Hobbs with a slight platform sole and the most amazing soft brown leather.
The top of the boots can either be left upright or turned over for a more pixie look.
The heels and soles are in good condition but a quick buff and shine on the leather may be needed.
UK size - 4    Euro size - 37

Made from a light/floaty polyester, this midi length skirt looks fab teamed with a simple white vest for the warmer days (coming soon I hope!!)
UK size - 8

Simple Green acrylic daydress labelled 'Lord and Taylor of New York'
This dress would be complemented by a lady who has curves as there is some curves to the actual cut of the dress. 
There is no size label so I have taken the approx. measurements -
Chest 36" Waist 34" Hips 38" Length 40"


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Handmade Messenger Bag


I know, I know, I haven't been over here for a few weeks. Life has been busy I guess with a batch of the typical wintery illnesses and a bit of this, a bit of that...

But anyway, I have been doing a bit more sewing and wanted to share this little 'Pusscat' Messenger Bag I made for my lovely friend Kayleigh Radcliffe. 

I had been stashing away some vintage illustrated fabric for some time now and originally, I had something else planned but just like that (typically!), I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to make a bag.

I wanted to make something different to the normal tote and to me, this little cat face needed to be on show so I opted for a little messenger bag and I loved making it!

The jade cat fabric was a really soft brushed cotton so I teamed it with an organic charcoal fleece and lined it with a brown floral cotton.  Oh and I squeezed a little heart on the inside too :)

I can't wait to make myself one of these bags. Maybe in a soft brown leather, suede, linen...


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Inspiration to copycat to thief!?

Ok, ok, the title is a little dramatic but I wanted to touch on a subject that recently got me thinking a lot.  Maybe too much if I'm honest.

So, we all scour the internet, seeing wonderful things, oooohing and aaaaahing over clothes, things for our home, pieces of art, etc, etc.  But what happens if we see something we love and know that we can re-create it ourselves?

I have loved the 1960's fashion designer Ossie Clark for as long as I can remember and when I saw this stunning dress below on Pinterest recently, I instantly started to look for sewing patterns which then got me thinking about getting inspiration from somebody else's work to actually, well, copying it.

Has anyone else though about this?

For me, I guess it all depends what/who/why you are 're-creating' and how you actually go about it (I'm just talking about fashion). 

As it happens, I'm pretty sure no pattern for an Ossie Clark actually exists for mere mortals like myself but I do have some patterns that I can re-work and actually make something similar to the dress below and I know I will never have a spare thousand or so quid to buy myself an original piece (nor would I want to if I had the money to be honest).  So where do I go from here? 

...It's decided, I shall be making myself an Ossie Clark 'inspired' maxi dress designed by Pennycones ;)

I'm looking forward to making it actually.  Roll on the warmer weather!

The fabulous man himself with another one of his creations


Thursday, 5 January 2012

And a very happy new year to you all!

Just like's 2012!

Last year seemed like a little roller-coaster, not just for me but for my family too. Up, down, good, bad, happy, sad...but on the final day of 31st December, I celebrated my 35th Birthday!

To celebrate it, I drove back from my hometown of Southport after spending a couple of days seeing family and friends, on my own (yep, one of those rare occasions where you get a babysitter for New Years Eve!!! Haha) and after making myself a big cup of tea, I set to work on making a dress for my night out with friends at a little local pub.

Ok, ok making a dress hours before going out is probably one of the dumbest ideas; I didn't even get time to paint my finger nails as I'd hoped!

Anyway, a few weeks earlier, I found some Michael Miller fabric on Ebay for a pretty decent price.  

I had a rough idea in my head of the design so i didn't use a pattern, just went for it freehand and the little Birthday fairy must have been looking over me because it turned out perfect!  However, I did run out of time in adding the little puff sleeves I had cut out so I might add them another time.

I attached a long tie to each side and for that night, as I teamed it with a grey 1970's slim fit Tuxedo jacket, I tied it at the front to make a little bow.  

I'm definitely going to made more of these little dresses for myself.  You can't really see from the last 'boozy' pic but it really was quite flattering. Well it felt like it was anyway! Haha...


I think I'm back into normal, everyday mode after the holidays.  Is it just me or does it seem to  be taking a bit longer this year?!?


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Roll up, roll up...


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, wherever in the world you may be!

I wanted to share a few of my favourite things that I have seen lately. I'll take them all please! 

Just click the image for the source. Thank youuuuuuu. xx

Folk Inspired Vintage Dress

Hand Knitted little baskets

Another little notebook. Why not :)

Vegan Soap Sticks

I'm more of a cat lady but if I was to ever get a dog, it would have to be a Greyhound
and what a fabulous piece of work this is too

Pretty Plates

Clogs :)

I love these handmade boats

Cuuuute loafers

Simple LBD

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Skateboard Zipper Pouch

I took this picture on Felix's desk. As you can see, stickers, writing, drawings, etc.  I guess it's his space and I like to see him express himself :)

Hey, how is your week going?!  This week has been a busy one with both my little lady and little guy having their pre-school and school performances. Today is the last day then it will be into full party mode...they have so many to attend; puts my social diary to shame! Haha.

I'm still making little things for Christmas presents and although I suppose I do still have a fair bit to do, I don't think I have felt this relaxed in so, so long! 

I wanted to make a present for each of my little people and as my Son is such a boys boy, it had to be something related to something he loved. That meant either surfing, skateboarding or bikes.

So, I bought some of this Michael Miller fabric which cost just over £3 for a FQ and I made a zipper pouch and a small case for his iPod touch.  I made the pouch slightly bigger than a pencil case so he can use if for more things. 

I'm going to do a little tutorial in the New Year on making simple little pouches and how to insert zips. I might be brave enough to make a video but not sure if you guys would want my little scouse twang, muddled up accent waffling away! Haha...

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.


Friday, 9 December 2011

Sweet Lemon Tootsies


How is your week going?

I have been cracking on with handmade Christmas treats for my family and friends and I mentioned a while back about sharing some of the things I make.

Well, here is the cheapest, easiest scrub I have made. I decided to just call it a foot scrub as it is quite gritty but I tried it on my hands and it left them really, really soft.

Sweet Lemon Foot Scrub

What you will need for an average size jar-
An airtight container - glass is better (I bought these vintage French jars)
Granulated Sugar
Half Fresh Lemon
Light Olive Oil

Simply pour the sugar into your jar to get the accurate measurement then pour into a mixing bowl.

Squeeze your lemon into the sugar (no pips though!) and give it a good mix. Add your Olive Oil a desert spoon at a time, mixing as you go. You need a mushy consistency but just be careful not to make it too runny. I kind of liked the 'snow like' consistency as it looks pretty when you open the jar.

Now grate some Lemon zest into your mix, stir again and put into your jar. 

Then it's just labelling up!

This smells amazing and my little lady actually licked the mixing bowl! 


Monday, 5 December 2011

Santa & Crafty Time


Hope you are all getting into the festive vibe?!

We put our Christmas decorations up on Saturday.  The need for festive cheer was overdue; I think I would have my 'decs up all year round if I could! 

I love getting out the decorations that the children have made over the years.  The little star below made from lollypop sticks and white trim was made by Felix when he was about 3. It's funny how I remember the exact moment he made it, which was at a little place I'd call our sanctuary when he was around that age; the only place I could find which welcomed us whilst Felix's condition was  probably at it's peak.  

On Sunday, we popped over to the beautiful Calke Abbey to see the man himself...Santa!

They had also converted one of the old barns into a craft haven for the little people so we made some reindeer dust, Christmas cards, crackers and decorated paper bags with ribbons and trims...

Edie with her little bag of magical reindeer dust

I'm loving this 1970's wool, hooded maxi coat the moment. I think it's the warmest coat I have owned!



Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Feeling Festive

I don't know about you but I'm well and truly getting into festive mode!

I mentioned a while back about sharing a few things with you all.  Well first off is Vanilla Sugar. It's just basic granulated sugar, 2 fresh vanilla pods and an airtight jar/container.

Simply measure how much sugar you need for your jar and put into a bowl (just to make mixing it together a little easier), split the pods in half, scrape all the inside out, mix into your sugar and then pour back into your jar. I also placed the split pods on top just to help with 'vanillarising' (that needs to be a word!!) your sugar.  It takes around 2 weeks for all the vanilla flavour to release so best to make this sooner rather than later. Don't forget though, remove the scraped pod skins from the inside before you give it as a gift!

Amazing in a cup of coffee!

Next up isn't a gift at all but bunting that costs about 30p!

I picked up this roll of Matryoshka paper in Asda for a pound (enough to make metres of bunting!), folded over a small section to meet another then my little lady splatted her pink glue stick all over in-between.

I/we then cut out lots of triangles, used a hole punch to make our holes and then just threaded ribbon.

I love any colours at Christmas so this will be hanging around somewhere but knowing my little lady, it will be about for a lot longer after too!

Yes, these are real butterflies. I re-framed them many years ago. I want to do some more so will share that with you when I do!

Have a great week ahead.