Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Feeling Festive

I don't know about you but I'm well and truly getting into festive mode!

I mentioned a while back about sharing a few things with you all.  Well first off is Vanilla Sugar. It's just basic granulated sugar, 2 fresh vanilla pods and an airtight jar/container.

Simply measure how much sugar you need for your jar and put into a bowl (just to make mixing it together a little easier), split the pods in half, scrape all the inside out, mix into your sugar and then pour back into your jar. I also placed the split pods on top just to help with 'vanillarising' (that needs to be a word!!) your sugar.  It takes around 2 weeks for all the vanilla flavour to release so best to make this sooner rather than later. Don't forget though, remove the scraped pod skins from the inside before you give it as a gift!

Amazing in a cup of coffee!

Next up isn't a gift at all but bunting that costs about 30p!

I picked up this roll of Matryoshka paper in Asda for a pound (enough to make metres of bunting!), folded over a small section to meet another then my little lady splatted her pink glue stick all over in-between.

I/we then cut out lots of triangles, used a hole punch to make our holes and then just threaded ribbon.

I love any colours at Christmas so this will be hanging around somewhere but knowing my little lady, it will be about for a lot longer after too!

Yes, these are real butterflies. I re-framed them many years ago. I want to do some more so will share that with you when I do!

Have a great week ahead.


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  1. Fabulous, I love vanilla sugar and I'm all excited for the season!! Hope you enjoy it!! xx


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