Friday, 9 December 2011

Sweet Lemon Tootsies


How is your week going?

I have been cracking on with handmade Christmas treats for my family and friends and I mentioned a while back about sharing some of the things I make.

Well, here is the cheapest, easiest scrub I have made. I decided to just call it a foot scrub as it is quite gritty but I tried it on my hands and it left them really, really soft.

Sweet Lemon Foot Scrub

What you will need for an average size jar-
An airtight container - glass is better (I bought these vintage French jars)
Granulated Sugar
Half Fresh Lemon
Light Olive Oil

Simply pour the sugar into your jar to get the accurate measurement then pour into a mixing bowl.

Squeeze your lemon into the sugar (no pips though!) and give it a good mix. Add your Olive Oil a desert spoon at a time, mixing as you go. You need a mushy consistency but just be careful not to make it too runny. I kind of liked the 'snow like' consistency as it looks pretty when you open the jar.

Now grate some Lemon zest into your mix, stir again and put into your jar. 

Then it's just labelling up!

This smells amazing and my little lady actually licked the mixing bowl! 


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  1. What a fab idea Lisa, I am going to have to make this for someone!!! Happy Friday to you xx


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