Thursday, 5 January 2012

And a very happy new year to you all!

Just like's 2012!

Last year seemed like a little roller-coaster, not just for me but for my family too. Up, down, good, bad, happy, sad...but on the final day of 31st December, I celebrated my 35th Birthday!

To celebrate it, I drove back from my hometown of Southport after spending a couple of days seeing family and friends, on my own (yep, one of those rare occasions where you get a babysitter for New Years Eve!!! Haha) and after making myself a big cup of tea, I set to work on making a dress for my night out with friends at a little local pub.

Ok, ok making a dress hours before going out is probably one of the dumbest ideas; I didn't even get time to paint my finger nails as I'd hoped!

Anyway, a few weeks earlier, I found some Michael Miller fabric on Ebay for a pretty decent price.  

I had a rough idea in my head of the design so i didn't use a pattern, just went for it freehand and the little Birthday fairy must have been looking over me because it turned out perfect!  However, I did run out of time in adding the little puff sleeves I had cut out so I might add them another time.

I attached a long tie to each side and for that night, as I teamed it with a grey 1970's slim fit Tuxedo jacket, I tied it at the front to make a little bow.  

I'm definitely going to made more of these little dresses for myself.  You can't really see from the last 'boozy' pic but it really was quite flattering. Well it felt like it was anyway! Haha...


I think I'm back into normal, everyday mode after the holidays.  Is it just me or does it seem to  be taking a bit longer this year?!?



  1. you look adorable! i wish i could sew! a happy late birthday to you too! i turn 28 in March... 10 year high school reunion sometime this year, oy! i still can't believe you made that dress hours before wearing it! xx

  2. that dress is amazing! and you look so pretty in the last pic ♥ glad to see you're back in the blog world and I wish you and your little peeps a happy new year!

  3. what a gorgeous dress! Well done you!

    I've never noticed your tattoo before, it looks so pretty!!x


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